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Harley Street Clinic

We are now taking appointments for our new Orthotic Clinic in Harley Street London.

Our opening times are Tuesdays   6pm - 9pm

                                     Saturdays  2pm - 6pm


Other days, and times maybe available please contact us for further details.


Are you fed up with waiting times on the NHS, do you want the best orthotic service and a choice of up to date products from around the world, then book an appointment to see us now with our specialist Orthotic Consultant.


We take referrals from: Physiotherapists, Consultants, self-referrals and embassy patients.

We specialise in:

  • Foot and ankle pathologies
  • Contracture management
  • Knee bracing - Sport and OA
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Polio
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Expert Witness Service

We can provide:

  • Stock , Modular, Custom made footwear
  • Foot Orthotics / Insoles
  • All types of upper and lower limb braces
  • Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO) calipers including intelligent knee orthotses (SCKAFO)
  • Silicone ankle foot orthoses (SAFO)
  • Knee Braces
  • Reciprocating Gait Orthoses
  • Spinal Orthoses
  • Lycra compression Garments
  • FES 

Contact Details:

Tel:0208 689 5510

e-mail: malcolm.fox@tandsorthotics.co.uk



Ovation Hybrid Night Splint


Inspired Innovation:



Evidence Based Device:

Improving outcomes using its unique ROM ability. 

The new Ovation Hybrid dorsal night splint has a unique ROM ability that ensures this night splint is adaptable to any patients needs.

This new device gives the patient or the clinician a calibrated opportunity to measure improvment in joint range.






T&S Orthotics are proud to be distibuting the product range from Ovation Medical.




It is with great pleasure to announce a distributor partnership with Bort Medical




Inspired Innovation

.The new Ovation walker is a perfect example. This ultra low profile walker with its intuitive, natural gait is like nothing else available providing higher maneuverability and stability. A few steps and you will immediately “feel” the difference, after that you will settle for nothing less.

Pneumatic Walkers

Standard Walkers

Short Walkers

Night Splints

Ankle Braces and Ankle Stirrups

Wrist Braces

Thumb Spicas

Knee Braces and Supports

Post-Op Knee Braces

Foot Orthotics





What is an Orthosis? an orthosis is a brace or support that has been designed and fitted to the body to achive one or more of the following:

  • Control biomechanical alignment
  • Protects and supports a healing injury
  • Assist in rehabilitation
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases mobility
Reception at Croydon

Please note: it is our reccomendation that prior to purchasing from our website, you consult your GP or any other qualified health proffesinal regarding the suitability and fitting of any of our braces and supports.

Our Private Patient Facilities


We now have a nationwide contact list of health proffesionals that can assist your clinical needs, with clinical facilities around the UK, 


Our Custom Manufacturing Facility


Our manufacturing facility is in the heart of Croydon, we are within easy reach from two main railway stations, a tram system and the M25 motorway, our clients can reach us with ease.


At T&S Orthotics we have retained the core traditional skills required to custom make Orthotic braces. This remains the essential for manufacturing complex devices like, Para-Walker, Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis, Traditional callipers (KAFOs), Ankle Foot Orthosis and traditional leg irons,   



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